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PVC pellets
for multiple markets

Reliability and agility at a good market price.

We manufacture flexible and rigid PVC compounds for extrusion and injection processes, thus meeting the needs of many markets. Thanks to our laboratory and technical team, we can advise you and customise the pellets that best suit your production needs. Beyond any market that incorporates products made with PVC pellets by extrusion or injection, we supply pellets to regularly serve the following sectors:


Vinyl floors, profiles for windows and blinds, curtains and partitions, plumbing elements, pipes, gutters.


Wellies, sandals, boot soles, shoes and slippers.


Profiles for cabinets, shelves and office tables.


Garden hoses and fences, specialised pipes for swimming pools, profiles for swimming pool covers.


Traffic cones, beacons and bollards, kilometre points.


Marks, non-toxic tubes, cannulas.

Automotive Industry

Weatherstripping for seats, seatbelt guards, encapsulation of glazed surfaces, pedals, handles, grips.

Energy and Telecommunications

Fibre optic, telephone, electrical, computer, domestic, special cables.


Film, bottles and containers for cosmetic, cleaning and food liquids.

PVC compounds
for the plastic transformation industry
by extrusion or injection.

Corbera Factory:
Carretera de Montserrat, S/N.
46612 CORBERA (Valencia), Spain.
Sueca Factory:
Avenida Ciudad de Alicante 29
46410 SUECA (Valencia), Spain.

Telephone: +34 96 256 04 21

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