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Specialists in adapting
to your needs

Since 1989, catering to the national and international market.

Granzplast is a second-generation family business, founded more than 30 years ago and made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the manufacturing of PVC compounds in rigid and flexible pellets for two types of plastic transformation processes: injection and extrusion.

We manufacture more than 25,000 tonnes per year of PVC compounds, of which 40% are exported to more than 10 countries both inside and outside of the European Union and we have two production plants located in Valencia, Spain, one located in Corbera and the other in Sueca, which places us among the top manufacturers of PVC pellets in Europe.

If we had to define ourselves with a slogan, it would be “specialists in adapting to your needs” since in addition to the accumulated experience working over many years, we have a deep vocation for customer service. We understand it well because we go through the daily motions like they do.

On the other hand, we have the necessary means to design PVC pellets suitable for different production processes, with certified quality and with a service flexibility that is higher than the market standard.

You can consider us to be a certified pellet producer, which is not very large or small, and this characteristic gives us a mixture of reliability and agility at a good market price.

At Granzplast, we offer


Flexibility in adapting to clients’ needs. We adapt to any demand that our clients may have; we manufacture custom compounds for each client.


Proven and certified quality. We have the most demanding quality certifications to ensure the highest satisfaction of our clients. IQNet, AENOR, UNE-EN, ISO 9001.


Tight delivery times. We comply with fast and flexible delivery times according to the requirements of our clients.

Personalised service

We offer a personalised service that is both commercial and technical, which allows us to strengthen our relationship over the years with all our clients.


Laboratory to provide tailor-made solutions. We have a full laboratory to carry out all the necessary tests that guarantee the expected performance of our products.

Excellent price-quality ratio

We offer products and service at a fair market price.

PVC compounds
for the plastic transformation industry
by extrusion or injection.

Corbera Factory:
Carretera de Montserrat, S/N.
46612 CORBERA (Valencia), Spain.
Sueca Factory:
Avenida Ciudad de Alicante 29
46410 SUECA (Valencia), Spain.

Telephone: +34 96 256 04 21

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