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Production of certified PVC pellets

The proof of having made a good product is in the repeat purchases.

At Granzplast, we are aware of how important quality is for our clients as a strategic factor to compete in the market. For this reason, at Granzplast we have a laboratory for research and development of new products in which we work in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and various technological institutes.

Beyond research and development of tailor-made solutions for clients, at Granzplast we carry out strict quality control of the manufactured pellets. This quality control is supported by two fundamental pillars: the control of the variables of the industrial process and the control of production.

The process control is carried out systematically through internal protocols in all production phases: dosing, mixing, cooling and pelletising.

Production at Granzplast is highly automated.

We have our own development programme for feeding/dosing raw materials for all the components that are manufactured in each of the 4 active production lines. Acceptance limits are controlled throughout the process by controlling and recording temperature, cycle times, flow rates, pressure, etc., to ensure compliance with the specifications of the final product.

The production control is carried out through the analysis of physical samples collected in the different manufacturing batches, later carrying out, depending on the requirements of the pellets, the following analyses and tests:

• Rheological analyst by extrusion • Density • CIELAB colour • Shore A hardness // Shore D hardness • Traction control • Breaking stress control • Impact control • Vicat temperature control •

In addition, if needed we have the collaboration of different national and international technological institutes and external laboratories, to carry out more specific tests at the request of our clients.

Company Quality Policy.

The Management of Granzplast, S.A., a company engaged in manufacturing PVC pellets, is aware of the importance of quality as a strategic factor for our company’s competitiveness and to ensure and increase our customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

The Management of Granzplast, S.A. is committed to implementing, maintaining and improving a quality management system that complies with the guidelines of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard: 2015 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements”.

The quality policy establishing the reference framework for implementing and operating the system is as follows:

  • Ensuring that customer needs and expectations are determined, to transform them into requirements and achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling these.
  • Creating and maintaining awareness of all Granzplast, S.A. staff about the importance of complying with customer, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Determining, understanding and systematically managing all the processes required to achieve the planned targets, and for their continuous improvement, to meet customer expectations and those of Granzplast, S.A.’s quality management system.
  • Promoting risk-based thinking to address the weaknesses and strengths of processes so as to achieve the organisation’s targets.
  • Assigning the human resources and technical means required at any given time to implement and improve processes and to accomplish the objectives.
  • Providing all staff with the involvement and training required to both harness and improve their skills in the work environment and to achieve a greater understanding of the quality management system.
  • Strengthening collaboration with suppliers to increase our capacity to respond to our customers’ demands.

The Management of Granzplast, S.A. accepts its commitment to review, explain and disseminate this quality policy and monitor its compliance throughout the company and, where appropriate, to its suppliers and customers.

Granzplast has been
AENOR certified since 9-12-1997
in the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

PVC compounds
for the plastic transformation industry
by extrusion or injection.

Corbera Factory:
Carretera de Montserrat, S/N.
46612 CORBERA (Valencia), Spain.
Sueca Factory:
Avenida Ciudad de Alicante 29
46410 SUECA (Valencia), Spain.

Telephone: +34 96 256 04 21

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